Rules & Regulations

Rule & Discipline

  • Irregular attendance at School, habitual laziness, disobedience, objectionable, moral influence and intentional discourtesy or disrespect to teachers, are sufficient causes, singly or collectively to be expelled from the school.
  • Any student who is found to have done damage of any kind in the class room or anywhere in the premises of the School has to make good the loss done.
  • All should be particularly careful to avoid throwing of food, papers etc. anywhere in the School premises except in the bins provided for the purpose.
  • No fines of any kind or collections for any purpose whatsoever or sale may be made without the Principal’s prior permission.
  • No unwanted books, news papers or periodical may be brought to the School premises without the Principal’s permission. Students found with immoral books or pictures in their possession or seen lending them to others are liable to be expelled from the school.
  • Running, Playing or Shouting inside the School building is not allowed.
  • When students moving along corridors or up and down the stairs, when changing classes, they must walk in silence and the rule is ‘keep left’.
  • No student is allowed to remain in the class room during recess time or when the class is out for any other activity.
  • Pupils must attend physical educations, games and other activities outside School hours when required to do so. Participation on such occasions will be deemed compulsory by the School authorities, since games and athletics play an important part in the student’s all-round development. They will be excused from participation only on a previous written recommendation of a medical officer.
  • Pupils who expect to return late to their homes are responsible for informing their parents about it well in advance.
  • Pupils are answerable to the School Authorities for their conduct both in and outside the School. Hence misbehavior of any kind in the streets and other public places justifies their dismissal.
  • No late arrival to School may be admitted to class without the Principal’s signature on the Absence Record Page before admitting the pupils to class.
  • School starts with a prayer, after which the students walk in silence to their classrooms. When the last period is over, the students must recite the Prayer After Class together.
  • No pupil may leave the school premises during school hours (recess time included) without the written permission from the Principal.
  • The school is not responsible for the loss of books, pens, money, etc. Each student is responsible for his/her things. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles like expensive watches, ornaments, cameras or any other type of electronic gadgets to school. Books and other property must be marked, as far as possible, with the owner’s name.
  • No meeting, demonstrations, party or picnic may be held by the students without the previous permission of the Principal.
  • The school is not responsible for any unlocked bi-cycles.
  • Every student must have the School Diary and must bring it to the class on all School days.

Code of Conduct

  • Misbehaviour towards teachers or any other employee of the school.
  • Intentional disturbance of classes.
  • Absence from classes without the permission of the teacher/Principal.
  • Bullying/intimidation of others.
  • Eve-teasing/misbehaviour towards girl-students.
  • Damaging/disfiguring school property.
  • Propagating a strike/disruption of Classes.
  • Association with banned organizations.
  • Propagating communal/caste feeling amongst the students.
  • Disobeying lawful orders of the teacher/Principal.
  • Bringing unauthorized people/articles inside the school.
  • Theft/Pilferage of school/students property.
  • Any behaviour unbecoming of a student.
  • Indulging in acts of moral turpitude.

Library Rules

  • Maintain absolute silence in the library. Every student must read books from the library.
  • Every student will have one non-transferrable library card. Books are issued and collected back during the library periods only. A book is issued for one week, and may be re-issued for another one week only.
  • A duplicate library card will cost Rs. 30/-.
  • The loss or damage to the books will incur a fine amounting to the double cost of the book.