School Code : UP UP007
9012999972 (Sr. Wing)
7451890187 (Pr. Wing)

ICSE Exam Schedule

  1. 01
    Course of study includes Moral Science, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, History and Civics, Geography, Mathematics, Science Economics, Accounts, Commerce, Social Studies, Computer Applications, Art, Physical Training, Music, G.K. etc.
  2. 02
    Students are to offer only those subjects regularly taught in the school, or provided for in the approved scheme of studies.
  3. 03
    The Progress Report will be shown only to the parents or guardians after the half yearly examination; it can be withheld for non-payment of school dues.
  4. 04
    The 2nd half yearly examination, to be held in Feb-March, is not to be considered as the promotion examination, since it carries only 40% of the maximum marks. Of the remaining 60%, 40% is allotted to the first half yearly and 10% each for the two unit tests to be held in July & December each year.
  5. 05
    Student who is absent from an examination, for any reason whatsoever, will not be re-examined.
  6. 06
    Wilful breach of the regulations of the examinations is punishable with immediate expulsion from the examination, and the subsequent cancellation of the paper. Those who resort to unfair practices will be expelled from the examination room, and will be refused admission to subsequent papers, and even be expelled from the school.
  7. 07
    Failure in or absence from a subject excludes the student from being reckoned for the order of merit.
  8. 08
    For promotion, a student must obtain a clear pass in all subjects: those of classes L.K.G. & U.K.G. must secure in every subject 50% marks; the students of I to V 45% marks and those of VI to XII 40% marks.
  9. 09
    Exam in Moral Science will be held a week before the normal schedule for other subjects. A clear pass in it is compulsory before a student can be permitted to take the exam in other subjects.
  10. 10
    No student will be allowed to write the theory papers if he/ she fails to complete the practical works: eg. Science practicals, projects etc.
  11. 11
    If a student does not have 75% attendance of the total working days in each half, he/she will not be allowed to take the examinations.
  12. 12
    Taking all the exams is compulsory for promotion.
  13. 13
    Promotion once refused will not be reconsidered.
  14. 14
    A student who fails in a class forfeits his/her privilege for concession in the fees.
  15. 15
    Failure in a class is a clear sign of laxity. Hence only under extraordinary circumstances will a student be allowed to repeat a class.