School Code : UP UP007
9012999972 (Sr. Wing)
7451890187 (Pr. Wing)


Christ The King Inter College, one of the prime institutions in the district of Firozabad, is an academic establishment which carries the motto of ‘Loving Service’ and dedicated to the goal of imparting quality education, skills and values from one generation to another.

We strive not only to maintain the continuity but also bring refinement in culture and civilization. Our efforts blossom into ‘service’ when we as an educational establishment come in as an instrument of change, infusing life into systems that govern and act as the basis for the functioning and transformation of the society.

Education gives new dimension, opens up ever new vistas of outlook, perspectives, and ideologies and prepares individuals to embark upon expeditions on the unknown terrains of thoughts and actions. Being guided by the ideals of Jesus Christ, we, the Christerians, emphasize to inculcate in students a great love for moral values and an earnest academic pursuit through holistic education.


Christ The King Inter College is a nurturing ground where we strive for imparting sound education, ethical values, discipline and scientific temper to help groom leaders who will bring about a culture of peace and a custom of knowledge.